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With Apologies to Orwell   Leave a comment

The irony is that the president who lost the popular vote but was swept in by the Electoral College likely does not understand that that particular process was initially put in place to shelter the American ‘peculiar institution’ from those who would have dismantled it. To double the irony, many of his followers, given the […]

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Voices of the American Muse – soon to be published   Leave a comment

Five women, five situations, five outcomes. Where did these stories come from? Outside of their Old Testament origin, much of their basis lies in the development of my first female character: Delsey. From a damaged and sometimes shallow, albeit lovely girl to a mature woman capable of real love and self-knowledge but driven by tragedy […]

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Hello world!   2 comments

This site is dedicated entirely to the craft of writing.  It is the site owner’s hope that others will contribute.  I will post my thoughts and invite dissent, contrasting views, nuanced commentary, and other types of discourse (Free Indirect or otherwise).  All comments will be posted, so long as they are on-topic:  how can we […]

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