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My work is available for purchase from various outlets.

Cover _SmallNeap Tide and my other works are available on the shelf at the following retailers, and also available through Amazon, at www.amazon.com.

Lubec, Maine:  Lubec Brewing Company; Love at First Light; West Quoddy Gift Shop

Machias, Maine: Berry Vines Gift Shop

Eastport, Maine: Port of Call Gift Shop










MowryCover_scan_smallMowry Beach, a coming-of-age memoir, is available from Amazon at www.amazon.com, and also through Lulu at www.lulu.com .


Note:  This work is set primarily in the sixties; it ends in 1971.  This was the era of Viet Nam, the sexual revolution, growth of recreational drug use, spectacular Rock and Roll, and includes all of these.  It also includes violent death.


This is not a work intended for children, or for that matter, most adults.  The author understands that many people will find much of what is covered to be offensive, and makes no apologies for that because everything between the covers is absolutely true.  The place names are all correct, the dates are all accurate; many of the names have been changed to protect both the innocent and the guilty.


Posted February 13, 2013 by JD Rule

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